Sell 1:1 High Quality AF1 Reps

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Are you looking for cheap fake Air Forces shoes that look real?

1982 and 1985 are years of special significance for Nike as they are the respective birth years of two of the most recognizable shoe silhouettes in history, the Nike Air Force 1 and the Air Jordan 1. Both models were so popular from the start that they have also Best Fake Air Force 1 Mid taken off beyond the basketball court and have come onto the market in a wide variety of versions over the past few decades. They've been canvases for artists (including Dave White and Mister Cartoon), fashion houses (from Comme des Garí§ons to PSNY), and more.
The two models have long outgrown their use on the court. Now, 14 in-house Nike designers have completely reworked these silhouettes for the first time, giving birth to the 1 Reimagined series. Her work focused on creating five individual reinterpretations of both legends: Explorer, Love, Wisdom, Rebellion, and Fun.
At its core, The 1 Reimagined is a project about shaking things up. With this in mind, Shoe Director Andy Caine chose the 14 contestants with clear objective consideration.

“The emergence of creativity is diversity. Design wise, each of the designers has a unique background and personality. Our theory is that when you mix different creative talents, you realize some magic."