However, I'm not here to spray nostalgia all over your faces

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However, I'm not here to spray nostalgia all over your faces

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I'm here to share the numerous benefits of being bossy. It's not beneficial for lower levels, but it will help when you reach a decent combat level. Benefits ---- as you take on other players, you will slowly increase the value of your bank. You'll have access to a broad range of drops and will never be bored. I can assure you that after a while of bossing, you will have enough for chaos (or 99), ayak(charms also), professional equipment, 99 mage and range depending in the amount you invest in.

The divine sigil and god Wars dungeon items and torva armour are available by high-ranking bosses. It's not a matter of whether have more than 96 herblore. The majority of teams don't require overloads.

You can increase your kills with the fire cape/bandos armorand chaotic weapons. This can help you save money on expensive party caps. You can save money by using effigies bosses drop (ONLY SOLO'S). Individuals with less expertise can be trusted to do large jobs for their bosses. They also have the opportunity to get excellent lootshares.

Disadvantages----Takes extremely long to see drops such as a sigil from corp or torva armour from nex and can get frustrating but the effort is well worth it. The best method to increase the chances of getting numerous drops is to obtain more requirements, such extremes and chaos weapons. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of being a boss.

I am currently at level 129. I started playing RS around one month before the official release of RS2. Since I was in middle school at the time, it was very easy (and usually just a few days) to find opportunity to engage in RS. I'm talking about an ordinary kid with good grades and regular sports and so on. But when you're than young there's only so much stuff you can do, and I was among the first people in my freaking county to get DSL in the early days (Still have it fuuuu.png) So what was wrong with having my scapes on? God know how much about computers that game taught my 11 year old self.

However, I'm not here to spray nostalgia all over your faces. RS has released a variety of major updates in RS3 Accounts last year. These include chaos weapons, godwars. nex. corp, and chaos. I don't mind the requirements, there are several other games I'm not playing but if I had time to play more I'm sure I'd certainly have them.