Thats The Gloves, Gloves, Legs, Body, Helm, Cape, Ring, And Shield

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Thus far I've gotten: 152 big bones (Prayer), 14 Limps (Herblore), 2625 Feathers (Fletching), 244 Vials (Herblore), 106 standard logs (fletching, fm), 559 oaks (fletching, fm), 1002 rune ess (rc), 945 willows (fletching fm), 1002 iron ores (blast furnace, smithing), 45 coal (blast furnace, smithing), About 1.2mil in stone, About 800k in items. As I mentioned previously, is there some other RuneScape gold things I should get? Will these supplies be enough for a 1 month membership?

I think my stats and levels are still very good, they are in my sig. I understand that I have some improving to do with those stats (just started crafting) I am attempting to get 30 craft, 50 mining, 40 smithing and array before I turn p2p. Also I have done all of the F2P quests and also have about 2mil things (items gp) values in bank. Any other suggestions or things that I should know would be useful. Thanks.

Okay so I had been considering getting 63 crafting to create green d'hide bodies. I've added it up and got this: 1k Green D'hides = 1.7m. 1k x 20gp for 1k tanned hides = 20k. 1k Twist = 3k. Therefore, 1.724m to create 1k Green D'hide bodies, and also the sale price for bodies is 4.555gp each. If I'm not stupid and I included that this right, I'd make roughly 2.8M gain right? I was Old school rs gold thinking of doing this to make money. Great idea or not? Otherwise, can you explain why? Thanks. I wanna be sure I did not add wrong, and that this will actually do the job.