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Art Mavens: Does it solely focus on art from the west? Or is the platform international in scope?

This commission is much lower than other digital platforms that allow freelancers to work from home, and the freelancer will be paid upon completion of the job. happylifewedding happy life wedding Website happy life wedding com explorerwedding explorer wedding Website explorer wedding com weddingenjoy wedding enjoy Website wedding enjoy co uk 

Art Mavens: Does it solely focus on art from the west? Or is the platform international in scope?

LH. This community is a global one - there are freelancers around the world. We are very interested in the emergence of new fields of global art.


The world, and we have already partnered with a few organizations in Africa.


Employers also require freelancers to be in the field. weddingforlife wedding for life Website wedding for life us enjoy-the-life-baby enjoy the life baby Website enjoy the life baby com

Some jobs require freelancers to physically be present, such as photographers and art installers. There are many different roles that can be done.


Remotely, such as digital producers and social media, art historians, writers, and translators.


Beyond the timely payment What other issues in the art industry will Art Mavens seek to remedy?


This kind of transparency is important to Art Mavens to help facilitate - if you're a freelancer working for various organizations, it can help you determine the