quite similar to the Great Depression.

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After the Great Recession, the United Stateswas a hub for art and culture.

 The Future of Arts Work What will it look like? change in 2021 and beyond

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 While the pandemic continues to rage on with no clear end to be seen, the art world remains in constant flux. Every day brings news about layoffs and budget cuts.

 The dust will eventually be settled and the reorganization shifts, postponements and shifting of events, OVRs and new online programming forms will all be possible.

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 The art world can look entirely different.

 At the onset of the pandemic, many professionals working as registrars, art handlers museum educators, gallery assistants were forced working from home. As a result,

 Certain of those jobs are now back. The Delta variant is again threatening this particular group. This is a major issue for this particular group of professionals.

 Insecurity in the workplace isn't a recent phenomenon. Precarious is the best description of their career path and the consequences that follow.

 The current job market, for those who have survived the financial crisis of 2008 and then the recession that followed is a similar to a déjà vu scenario, but with a public sector.

 Health epidemic creates a risk, exhausting and scary. Although history isn't likely to repeat itself,

 It is an indication of what may come next.

 After the Great Recession, the United Stateswas a hub for art and culture. an unrest which was quite similar to the Great Depression.

 Deal -- The rise in unions The trend is gaining popularity in the art sector.

 An article published in Bloomberg Law reported that unionization drives for museum workers in the United States have dramatically spiked in the past three years:

 Brooklyn Museum of Art workers voted to unionize in the last month of January prior to the pandemic began, there was an evident uptick in

 US art museums were unionized in the United States. The reason for this was the low pay and stagnant wages of the arts industry that is non-profit that is shocking.

 One of those salaries was featured on the google-based spreadsheet of salary-sharing that year. A former employee of the New Museum was also interviewed.

 (which voted in 2019 to unionize) published a harrowing exposé of the struggles she had as a labor organize under the heading "Against the Artsploitation".

 The economic precarity has been associated with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. There is a constant and especially tense atmosphere in academia.

 The debate continues about whether gig work is better or worse for mental health than full-time employment. Many workers have reported that the

 The gig economy is flexible that boosts mental health, however, some complain of a absence of stability and stress.

 It is rare in the art world that both gig workers and salaried workers are enduring the precarity they choose for their professions.

 rise in labor unions at US art galleries, as well as new platforms for professional artists who work as freelancers.

 Art Mavens is an online platform for artists, which is focused on professional artists. Co-founded by Louise Hamlin and Deborah Najar in 2020, during lockdown.

 Art Mavens aims to build a stronger network of artists professionals. This platform is described as a global platform for artists professionals.

 Organizations to network to collaborate, transact and network. It is the biggest freelance marketplace for professionals working in art, with a community application that aggregates art.

 world information, events and expertise," according to its website.

 Louise's vision of Art Mavens is backed by over a decade in the business and art industry. She

 The Art Newspaper was The Art Newspaper's leading online and printed publication for more than 14 years. She co-founded The Art Business after her time at The Art Newspaper.

 Conference 2014, which organized events for the industry that included New York, London and Shanghai. Art was established to organize events for the industry in London, New York and Shanghai after the pandemic.

 Mavens was established to bring people together online, without live events, and to create an innovative hybrid way of inter-acting.


  1. What is Art Mavens? And why did you think that the world of art required this kind of platform.

 LH Art Mavens Pro: As a response to the pandemic, and to a shift in work routines, Art Mavens Pro was the first platform specifically designed for artists seeking freelance work.

 all over the world.

 When we conducted our research to create Art Mavens Pro we discovered that the most significant issue and obstacle for artists who freelance is receiving a fair amount of money.

 and being paid on time and on time. So, the platform we've created holds funds in an escrow account. This way, freelancers get paid immediately after completion.

 Role, on agreed-upon milestones or every week, etc.