able to match them.

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will prove beneficial to employers looking to fill short term art projects.

 AA: What does Art Mavens Pro's job?

 LH: Employers can list open jobs on Art Mavens for free. The freelancer lists their skills.. The budget is drafted by the potential employer. dailytravelstudy daily travel study Website daily travel study com travelly travel ly Website travel ly us worthtravel worth travel Website worth travel co uk 

 They must be part of an actual project. Then our algorithms are able to match them.

 Employers appreciate the fact that each candidate that is on the platform has been scrutinized and scrutinized. peakfor peak for Website peak for com traffic-circle traffic circle Website traffic circle com

 We believe that the platform will prove beneficial to employers looking to fill short term art projects.

 Managers looking for additional help in managing booths at art fairs for example, seeking additional assistance. Gallery owners may also require assistance because of the shift to digital.

 Digital marketing, image manipulation, as well as social media marketing strategies are only some of the many options.

 Art Mavens currently has no annual charges. It is completely available to employers for free. After the job is accepted, there will be an admin fee of 2. For the freelancer there is an option to pay

 10% commission for any role they've completed.

 The commission is lower than other platforms for freelance digital work and also ensures the freelancer is paid immediately after the task is completed.

  1. Are Art Mavens only focused on the west art scene? Or is the platform global?

 LH The LH is an international community of freelancers from all over the world. We are keen to discover new fields of global art.

 all over the world, and we are already working with a variety of organisations in Africa, South Korea, and other countries that have growing art markets.

 employers need that network of on-the-ground freelancers also.

 While some occupations require that freelancers are physically present (e.g., art installers and photographers), others do not. -- there are many jobs that are able to be performed

 Remotely, such digital producers include social networks, art historians writers and translators.

 AA: Beyond timely payments, what other issues in the art industry will Art Mavens seek to address?

 Art Mavens should encourage this openness. This transparency can be helpful for freelancers working for various organizations.

 The ideal company. As you grow in your career and possibly create your own business, you will be more well-prepared.

 You can adopt ethical work habits in your own company.

 AA: Do artists have a higher chance of becoming burnout than those in other industries?

  1. I believe that the art world is a poor place because of its low salaries and high expectations. It's a lot of travel and late nights in

 For example, gallery openings, auctions or dinners. It is expected that you'll go above the 9-5 workday. I'm not even sure what the amount is.

 In the past year the situation has changed.

 Because we are constantly surrounded by creativity, beauty and innovation, I believe that everyone is extremely happy to be part of this business. But this is not the end of the tale.

 enough to ensure that we all work enough to keep us all working. Freelancers must be paid and need to be paid on time.

 It's possible that the outcomes of the events in the past year will be reflected in significant burnout. It's possible that this is indicative across many industries.

 It doesn't have to be exclusive to the world of art.

 My colleagues in diverse industries have confirmed that many businesses have cut their core personnel in the last year. These core employees must be kept in line with the company's goals.

 Then, you will assume responsibility for staff members who aren't yours, such as those who were furloughed or made redundant and then let go.