Happiness Is Ageless

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Optimism, self-confidence and positive thinking are connected with longer life and lower stress levels.

Are you someone who thinks that it's all downhill after age 65? Well, ignore those stereotypes.

Think about all the older adults you know who are healthy and active. There are many who are still working, taking classes, taking care of grandchildren or volunteering. Ben Franklin invented bifocals at age 83 and Pablo Picasso was still painting in his 90s.

Today, we are seeing more people than ever who are active and productive well past their 70s. And now there is evidence that attitudes about aging can influence how you fare in your senior years.

In several studies, optimism, self-confidence and positive thinking were connected with longer life and lower stress levels. Those seniors who had negative views about aging had more physical and mental health problems than the others. They also died at earlier ages on average.

Advantages of age
Maintaining a positive attitude about aging will work to your benefit and help you to stay well physically and mentally.

Think of the advantages of aging. You have more knowledge, freedom and experience than you did before. If you're retired, you have more leisure time. Your children no longer need your constant attention. Maturity may bring a sense of peace, wisdom and acceptance about life that you didn't have before. You can enjoy the satisfaction of your past accomplishments.

The message we often hear in our culture viagra strips online is that young is better than old, but how many people remember how difficult it was to be 19?

Enjoying your age
Aging well means that you remain as active and productive as you can be. People who believe in themselves will not let age get in their way.Try these suggestions for making the most of your senior years:

  • Add new activities, new ideas and new skills to your life. Learning new things is a great way to keep your mind in shape.
  • Be concerned about others. Volunteer, get a pet and maintain friendships.
  • Exercise. Moving around improves your fitness and mental outlook.
  • Be optimistic, even when you get bad news. This will help you to cope with challenges.
  • Cut back on your activity if you have to, but keep doing the things you like most.
  • Keep up relationships with your family, friends and community groups. Being socially involved adds meaning to your life, gives you support in a crisis and fights depression.

The late actress Bette Davis once said, "Getting old is not for sissies." But it is also not for people who think that aging is all about sickness, disability and mental decline.