It's why much of what they say is not dull and open to interpretation

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It's why much of what they say is not dull and open to interpretation

Minimum height restrictions exist for players but not auxilleries that was pso2 sales demonstrated to NOT be an ESRB thing, stated by ESRB themselves even! We're overlooking AC voice tickets which were present in JP's Miku and Konosuba scratch tickets so I do not doubt that we'll be missing many, many more in this rate. The celebrity gem concentrate in NA is indeed predatory that it feels as though I am playing PSO2 published by Nexon (why eliminate SG from casino?).

The fact that new finds shop rotates daily and doesn't even exist in JP feels genuine scummy. Not to mention GMs either giving clear lies (minimal height ESRB such as ) or just not being given information to relay back to us for months (still awaiting a response about voice tickets and STILL waiting that height survey ) makes this feel like SEGA actually did not believe in NA's launch and is only hoping to finance their next sonic project. Our brand new finds is similar to treasure store in Japan but you were also able to get some items with meseta and I'm fairly sure they were tradable. But there is also methods to get stargems besides being made to produce alts and purchasing costumes to simply wear.

Honestly, I don't see elevation is a major thing? I mean about the PSO2 forums, the problem has been discussed trigger people are weird and want to make lolis that is disturbing. We are honestly more than likely not going to find voice tickets anytime soon since I am sure it's safe to assume many if not all were likely given rights only for the Japanese pso2. Sega would need to probably renegotiate and request rights to utilize NA then search for voice actors to dub it for the NA market. PSO2 are a 3rd company. They're just there to attempt to appease us. They do not have really any appropriate information outside of what Sega informs them hence why the sender assuring PC stuff.

It's why much of what they say is not dull and open to interpretation. We have no direct contact to Sega Japan. They decide what's delivered over and choose. They're already losing potential earnings from the huge catastrophe of a launch and individuals quitting after attempting PSO2 or just cant log into. So if they are attempting to milk us, they half-assing it.

Fresh finds has items that were AC things or rare things from JP which we can get with no enjoying the RNG gatcha and it enables people who have cash to burn and spontaneous disorders to invest more. Its unfortunate they dont even allow you to purchase the items twice to make it account bound, waste of more gain. Microsoft has all these items covered so SEGA just collects the gain people are ready to spend. I agree they should allow players the freedom to create shorter/smaller characters just since I know some men and women who wont play spend cash on PSO2 differently. Businesses can change their models, we will see by the end of the year how awful the gatekeeping is once we catch around JP and other programs allowing more players to invest money.

How is the battle on buy meseta pso2 pso2?