Rsgoldfast - Your project is to get behind a nearby Tree

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Group Hostage Saving If you want to RuneScape gold have a team help you, catch a Recruitment Scroll and like in Barbarian Assault, gather 3 friends. You may need: Ranger (60+ Range), Magician (66+ Magic), Sneaker (This is the person who will input the house [60 Attack, Defense, 40 Range, higher Ability is an advantage]), Any (Ranger, Magician, or a Second Sneaker).

You will then be able to input the large portal. You'll wind up at the same tent, except you will find more supply tables. One for bandages, one with"glossy" arrows, and one having multiple runes onto it. You are going to want to stock up on whatever job you would like to take. The particular jobs are described below: RANGER: Get behind the nearby Bush. A screen will then start of guards which are within killing range and wounding range. Your job is to get information from the Sneaker as to which shield to take. Guards will move in and out of your range, so keep a watch out

SNEAKER: Your occupation is just like the Single Player game, except you can tell the ranger that a guard must be taken. There are just 6 guards in your path, A B C D E F, so you must inform which shield is on your way, and the ranger will attempt to wound or kill that guard. NOTE: If you wound a protector, you can walk in front of it and nothing else will happen, but all the dead guards will soon be awakened. You may know when a guard needs to be taken when the shield says"What was that?" , if a guard is shot without mentioning that, several more Guards will come, making you more vulnerable.

MAGICIAN: Your project is to get behind a nearby Tree, and cast a Smokescreen spell on a guard the Sneaker tells you to, in case it is out of the Ranger's stunning range. Again, if you smoke one that hasn't discovered a sneaker, more guards will probably be summoned.

Single and Multi-player Strategies. Single Game Strategy. Load up on Bandages, as they heal anywhere from 5-12HP (based on your HP level), which you might need while fighting the Enemy, as well as a rope. When you have all the bandages, run to the west of the backyard, and hide behind whatever you can (there'll be a"Hide-Behind" choice on several items ), wait till a guard has passed or buy old school runescape gold can not see you then run into the next place.