NBA2K21 Scripted "physics"...

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I swear, its like they'd the patch team make this match and the remainder are working on next gen only. I have noticed if you utilizing the aim shot which you may still aim it even after the meter goes off. In 1 game I made several shots curve and even got it to NBA 2K21 MT Coins green way after the launch... Yea that has always been that way lol. In case you held x at the elderly 2ks your launch was still judged after the ball was published and it would be quite late. Yeh nah that's not the same, dudes are curving shots in like bullets in that fckin Angelina jolie film.

That is what real life sports would be like when prayer worked. I may be incorrect, but I will see when shooting three pointers that the ball will literally dip halfway to the internet and pop out. However, Id be really mad if this occurred to me. However, Id be so angry if this occurred to me. If it had been a physics-based game this could differ, but so would the whole rest game. I could know however on 2K21, after 5 complete games I saw strange things like that over on the 5 preceding years. So I believe there's a real issue with the"physics".

The build is nice and stuff. But calling assembles"demonic" or even"demigod" is the cringiest shit. The construct is fine and stuff. But calling builds"demonic" or even"demigod" is your cringiest shit. Can we talk about this? It's Bojan though, the Croatia man on the Jazz not Boban the 7'3" centre. Yeah, I read that too fast. Not even near the identical game. And Bojan to me is similar to Reddick, not either of those two. I believe 2K just messes up this. It is like the same thing where the very same players in different modes play with different, have different cartoons . They create the gamers match their builds rather than their assembles being based on real players.

I am aware of, but that is dumb. If you would like to include badges/Attributes that I have no problem with it, however shot's should be the same, height must be the same etc.. It's not always bad, for example, when BB tatum started in myteam, the changes have been welcome, since the shot was much better IMO, but I feel like this should have been completed before that and then keep it like that, ya understand? Yeah I feel you, I'm not disagreeing with you I feel exactly the same way. This community is indeed shit and cares about better animations instead of Buy MT NBA 2K21 players playing them selves. Yeah I feel you, I'm not disagreeing with you I feel the same way. This community is so shit and just cares about better cartoons rather than players playing like them selves. If that is something such as a point forward, it seems fine but in fact is crap.