I'm not saying I believe jaggex should give us all free memberships

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Countless hours put into OSRS gold training a skill and what do they get for this, a clap on the back? I understand some of you wont agree with me, but know that many non members, even some I know that could have a lesser demon with bronze armour (if you get my meaning) have consented that nonmembers are underprivilaged.

I'm not saying I believe jaggex should give us all free memberships, im less arrogant to ask for such, but things that may benefit us in the long run like a location to fish lobbs which actualy has a nearby lender, as ive discovered to my dislike and others. I'm not a member myself, so I cant really think of even more privilages which are only given to members who could benefit nonmembers more then they are, so in the event that you have some ideas, and you also agree with what I say, fill me in on what privilages you think nonmembers should be provided.

First off yes I know this has been suggested before, but my strategy is better. You know just how to click something it says: Examine"Insert item"? Well what if you could analyze other people? I will use myself such as: Right click on Kamek_2000 and hit examine. Then heres the magic of it. You get to decide what the examination says! It could sort"hey man whats up?" Or"stop analyzing me lol!"

It could be fun and useful! Case in point: Your cutting timber to receive 99 woodcut when a man comes up to request help. If you don't respond they may be curious and examine you. It could say"Please do not bother me, I am working for 99 woodcutting." Unless they had been total noobs they would find the message and leave you alone.

Your probably saying:"how can we determine what the exam message states. If a new player just beginning, then after you make your individual, a message will come up saying Would you prefer to give an Evaluation message? Or sumthing like that. There will be a button that will say: decide later, so they won't possess an E-message if they don't visit the examinator. IF your not a new player and need an Examine message just go to the examinator stall. Whats that the examinator stall you inquire: In Draynor village there'll be a stall with a man sitting behind it. If you'd like an examine message or would like to buy RS gold modify your present examine message, talk to him. If you do not want an examine messgae at all, simply tell him.