Useful tools to improve webmaster's awareness

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If you have any suspicions about its use, you can read reviews about HostTracker or even try its features yourself.

Every webmaster should be aware of everything that happens to a website that falls within his area of responsibility, especially if it is an online store. Every minute of downtime can be costly, so you need to respond as quickly and quickly to emerging issues as possible. Otherwise, the website owner may incur losses - from small financial overpayments for advertising or hosting to loss of audience, which will affect not only the profitability of the website, but also its reputation.

To prevent this, you will need to use many different tools to monitor your website, from checking availability over HTTP and other internet protocols to diagnosing database integrity and even server stability if the website is not hosted on a web host. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to this, especially if the online store is under control, a data integrity check is required to ensure that users have access to everything your digital store has to offer.

different tools to monitor your website

This requires a wide range of software and complex scripts as tools. While this is important in terms of skill acquisition, it is a routine that you will spend almost all of your free work time on. With all of this in mind, the best solution to the problem, saving time and increasing efficiency, is to use the most automated tools.

And one of the best in the field is HostTracker, an online website monitoring platform. It has a wide monitoring network with more than 140 access points, which is useful for online stores around the world to ensure availability in different regions. And this is not the only option available.

This website monitoring service provides webmasters with the full range of checks and tests they may need to monitor website performance for a small subscription fee. And if you have any suspicions about its use, you can read reviews about HostTracker or even try its features yourself. 

 website monitoring service provides

It has a fully functional 30-day free trial that compares to a paid premium subscription and is automatically available after registration without any restrictions. You can test your site for free, and 30 days is more than enough time to get everything set up and try out, even if you need to learn the basics.

In addition, you will have access to its instant notification system, which will make the process of monitoring your site fully automated. This service is integrated into every test or check on this platform, and it will notify you of anything that is dangerous to the stability or availability of your website. It will simply send you a warning message via Telegram, Skype, or any other notification method - even SMS to your mobile phone.